Neurallys startup

Hydrocephalus is a pathology caused by an accumulation of cerebrospinal fuild within the brain and resulting in abnormal intracranial pressure. The most common treatment used today requires surgery to implant a shunt system. Neurallys is developing  a very innovative medical device to improve the quality of live of those patients and provide the neurosurgeons with a new tool for aided-diagnosis and pathology follow-up, with health cost reduction objectives.

Latest News

Neurallys winner of the Soft Landing Boston Program 2017

Date: 25-04-2017

In an initial round that took place in February, a group of 13 companies was chosen out of 24 startups and SMES that applied. They had the opportunity to pitch to a bilateral expert judging panel composed of healthcare...

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An interview of Neurallys in the Entreprendre Magazine

Date: 17-10-2016

An interview of Neurallys can be read in the Entreprendre French Magazine of October 2016

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The Brain and Spine Institute in Paris welcomes Neurallys

Date: 12-09-2016

La société neurallys développe des dispositifs médicaux au service de la neurologie et de la neurochirurgie, en particulier pour l’amélioration du diagnostic et du suivi de patients souffrant d’hypertension intracrânienne. Les pathologies engendrant une hypertension intracrânienne sont nombreuses. Parmi...

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